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S5:E4- Dr. Michael Graves- "Reading Scripture Like Jesus"- Monday, February 7th, 2022

February 05, 2022 Dr. Michael Graves, Rev. Brian Felker Jones Season 5 Episode 4
Pastor Brian Podcast
S5:E4- Dr. Michael Graves- "Reading Scripture Like Jesus"- Monday, February 7th, 2022
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Welcome to Season 5! Today we speak with Dr. Michael Graves, the Armerding Professor of Biblical Studies in the Bible and Theology Department at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. His primary area of teaching is the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and is  highly respected scholar and amazing teacher. Dr. Graves also teaches and lectures at Gary Church– where he serves in many capacities as well as an usher.  Have you ever wanted to ask what scripture actually was . . . and were too afraid to ask? What is the best ways to begin reading the Bible?  Why should we read scripture? Does it have any real benefits? Or curious about what scripture can teach about reading scripture? Join us as we have a conversation about faith, scripture, and God’s call in our everyday life. 

We begin with a prayer (00:41), our lunch menu (01:27) Dr. Graves' work, and name of new book (02:51), Michael's own story of faith in Christ (04:27), how God called him to be a professor (06:34), the process of becoming a scholar and faculty member (10:31), what he loves about teaching at Wheaton College and in congregations (14:50), what is scripture (16:11), why scripture so important to Christians (22:40), main obstacles people have to reading the Bible (26:58), key concepts to interpreting the Bible (35:13), the ways Jesus uses scripture and "Inner-Biblical Interpretation" (38:39), advice for people picking up a Bible the first time (45:26),  ways people who are familiar with scripture can continue to grow in Christ through the Bible (49:35), how scripture has been shaping him in the last 10 years (54:00), what he hopes people find in reading scripture (57:08), and a final prayer and blessing (59:02).

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Menu for Today's Lunch with Michael:

Opening Prayer
Lunch Menu
Michael's Own Story of Faith in Christ
God's Call to be a Professor
Process of Becoming a Scholar and Faculty Member
The Love of Teaching at Wheaton College and in Congregations
What Is Scripture?
Why Is Scripture Important to Christians?
Main Obstacles People Have to Reading the Bible
Key Concepts to Interpreting the Bible
The Ways Jesus Uses Scripture and "Inner-Biblical Interpretation"
Advice for People Picking up a Bible the First Time
Ways People Who Are Familiar with Scripture Can Continue to Grow in Christ through the Bible
How Scripture Has Been Shaping Michael in the Last 10 years
What He Hopes People Find in Reading Scripture
Final Prayer and Blessing